Welcome to Wholehearted Zen Sangha

Meditation near Kingston and Richmond Upon Thames, where we make space in our lives to sit together and share the practice of Zazen meditation.

We hold weekly meditation and days of Zen. All are welcome, both newcomers and established meditators.

Zazen (Zen) is a Japanese term that literally means sitting meditation. It can also be translated as ‘sitting with awareness’ or ‘sitting wholeheartedly’. Zazen is simply sitting/being in the here and now. The direction of our practice is to be completely present where you are, learning simply to be, to be at one with the situation as it is. The more we notice, the more we see, the more we become open and able to include. By practising this direct and open awareness in meditation, we become freer to express the experience of oneness and interdependence in our daily lives, to respond to what the arising situation requires.

We meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for meditation at 7.30am until 8am and Tuesday evenings Meditation starts at 7:30pm until 9pm (a combination of silent seated meditation and walking meditation. As part of our practice we also hold a study group and practice council circle. Tania Sensei also offers private interview on request and dharma talks. If you would like to know more or arrange an introduction to meditation please contact us. See our upcoming dates on the Calendar. Currently all sessions are on Zoom.